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Suggestion: Tabular. change individual tables' source

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Nov 4, 2013 at 12:11 AM
Edited Nov 4, 2013 at 12:12 AM
great tool, been using it for years!

I'll probably make a connect request for this too, but just throwing a suggestion out there.

imagine adding factInternetSales, dimCustomer and dimProduct from adventureworksdw2012 to a tabular BISM model

You create a single data source pointing to server.db and pull through those 3 tables. Create relationships/dax/measures/etc

For whatever reason dimProduct now needs to come from server2.db2
There's no non xml hacky way to do this without completely deleting the dim and any associated objects and rebuilding that aspect from scratch because all 3 of the tables are linked to the single connection. Changing the connection string via the gui will affect all 3 tables.

the XML hack involves
adding a connection to the new server database with a dummy sql query like "select top 0 1 as fakeid" to seed the .bim with the new connection string/datasource

opening up the XML and finding the new DatabaseSourceID:"guid" reference and sprinkling that against the original tables you wish to redirect, then deleting the dummy sql query table

A bidshelper context menu under the table menu option (Change table source -> New Connection...|Existing Connection...) that does all this would be very helpful when scaling up a powerpivot workbook to a proper SSDT tabular cube project or just redeving existing projects