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Tabular Drill Through Action- Change label

May 28, 2014 at 3:39 PM
I was working with the bids helper trying to work the drill through actions and I have that working but when I drill to the details, I am seeing the default column headers like [$CustomerSales].[Sales Amount] when all I want to see is the [Sales Amount] header. I have seen this done in the dimensional models but cant seem to find where to make the changes in the tabular models. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
May 28, 2014 at 8:14 PM
With Multidimensional instances you can deploy .NET assemblies like ASSP.ExecuteDrillthroughAndFixColumns to run inside SSAS and do the column renaming. With AS2012 and AS2014 this isn't possible with Tabular instances as they don't support assemblies.

You can construct a drillthrough statement and provide column aliases like this:
from [Internet Operation]
where [Measures].[Internet Total Freight]
return [$Internet Sales].[Freight] as [MyFreight]
,[$Date].[Date] as [Date]

And you could build a rowset action to accomplish that in Tabular. The problem is that with Tabular instances, you don't have the luxury of having a ASSP.CurrentCellAttributes to detect the context of every column. So you have to write a ton of DAX hardcoding every column and checking whether it has a filter.

So I don't have a good answer for you.
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