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Expression List

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The Expression List provides a window that lists all the expressions defined in a package. When you have an SSIS project open, the Expression List can be shown or hidden by going to the View... Other Windows menu and selecting the "Expression List (BIDS Helper)" menu item:


Refreshing the list is a manual process, just click Refresh. The window shows the following information:

Column Description
Object Type The type of the object on which the expression is defined upon.
Path The path to the expression object. Especially useful when you have nested objects or expressions within event handlers.
Property The name of the property or object that the expression applies to.
Expression The expression itself. Click the button to edit the expression.

The expression list searches the entire package, including tasks, loops, event handlers, precedence constraints and variables looking for expressions.

The elipsis button located in the far right column of the grid diplay opens an Expression Editor, provided by Konesans (


The Expression Editor component is now also available on CodePlex - SSIS Expression Editor & Tester

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