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SSAS: roles reports points to wrong server


vansree Today at 11:32 AM
Hi, Target server and database name is showing wrong in the report, when the target server is instance based. For ex: the target server is "mycompanydev1\sql02" and database name is "mycube", it shows in the report as "[Target Server: mycompanydev; Database: MyCube1]".
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furmangg wrote Jun 7, 2011 at 6:50 PM

I believe if you right click on the project node and choose properties and look at the deployment server info, the report should be reflecting that info. Is it?

vansree wrote Jun 8, 2011 at 8:08 PM

Wrong server

No it is not reflecting and let me again explain the issue in details.

Below are the steps, it will help u to reproduce:
  1. Open the SSAS 2005 solution (bids helper installed)
  2. Right click the project node, click properties. You see the "... Property Pages", Configuration Dropdown ... multiple listings, but the active is selected.
  3. Click deployment under Configuration properties, see the server and database details. The server is instance based. "mycompanydev1\sql02" and the cube name is "mycube".
  4. Select the Roles folder, right click, and select the roles report.
Code for your notice: (reverse order)
a) When we browse the code online today,
you see the in the file, RolesReport.rdlc: (Textbox Name="textbox9" ...)
<Value>="[Target Server: " & First(Fields!TargetServerName.Value, "BIDSHelper_RoleMemberInfo") & "; Database: " & First(Fields!DatabaseName.Value, "BIDSHelper_RoleMemberInfo") & "]"</Value>

b) Dataset source, from RolesReport.rdlc: <rd:ObjectDataSourceType>BIDSHelper.RolesReportPlugin+RoleMemberInfo, BIDSHelper, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=068d480dc12f50e9</rd:ObjectDataSourceType>

c) Browse the code: RolesReportPlugin.cs (
      I am suspecting because of this ... 
           if (_deploymentTargetServer.IndexOf('\\') >= 0)
                _deploymentTargetServer = _deploymentTargetServer.Substring(0, _deploymentTargetServer.IndexOf('\\') - 1);

Other issue:

Actually I noticed one more today, I added multiple configurations and see if it works and change the configuration ... the report is not showing based on active configuration setting. I am not sure both are linked.

Thanks in advance

dgosbell wrote Jun 9, 2011 at 1:40 AM

Hi Vankayala

I can reproduce the same behaviour as you. the only thing I am not sure about is where the MyCube1 reference is coming from. In my testing the database name that is being used appears to be the project name. Is your project possibly called MyCube1?

You are right about the target server, there is explicit code in there to try to strip off the instance name or port number.

@furmangg - I think we could probably take that code out and we could either switch to using the target database name or maybe even list both the target database and the project name in the header.

furmangg wrote Jun 9, 2011 at 7:04 PM

Thanks for the good research you did helping to find this issue, vansree and Darren. I've fixed the server name issue. Like you noticed, it shouldn't have said -1 for the substring.

This turned out to be a bit trickier than I thought because the Target Server was being used for two purposes: (1) displaying on the report and (2) for use in looking up groups like BUILTIN\Administrators in active directory making sure we're getting the groups on the target deployment server when appropriate. So I separated out those two things in the code. The report displays the actual deployment server name (including the SSAS instance name) and the Active Directory lookups use the machine name by parsing out the instance name.

Just checked in this change. It should be part of the next release after 1.5.

Regarding the "I switch configurations but the report doesn't reflect it" I can't repro this. Are you positive you set it up right? Is your solution configuration tied to the appropriate project configuration in the Configuration Manager dialog? And did it properly save the project deployment properties to disk?

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furmangg wrote Jun 11, 2011 at 12:01 AM

fixed in the release after 1.5

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