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what after running BIDS helper m2m matrix compression?


I've installed BIDS helper m2m matrix compression, and when I click it's icon in BIDS it works fine and it shows the reduction percentage, the compressed number of rows, and so on. But what after that ? how can i know how exactly i can compress my intermediate factless facts ? what script i should run ? what grouping .... etc.

I tried another BIDS helper tool which is CompressManyToMany, but there is no documentation how to use it. and when I click "Apply Changes" button (after assessment), I'm always getting the following error:

Deferred prepare could not be completed.
Statement(s) could not be prepared.
Invalid object name 'XYZ'.

And generally asking does anyone know a more detailed paper about "matrix relationship optimization technique" mentioned in the other paper "Analysis Services Many-to-Many Dimensions: Query Performance Optimization Techniques"?, this last one does not contain enough tutorial about that technique.
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furmangg wrote Aug 12, 2013 at 1:27 AM

This BIDS Helper feature will just show you which many-to-many relationships will benefit from the "matrix relationship optimization" technique. If you choose to implement that, you will need to build a matrix or signature dimension. See the example SSIS packages here as examples of how to implement this in the ETL:

The CompressManyToMany tool is unrelated to BIDS Helper and was developed by Eugene A. Asahara.

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