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SSIS: SmartDiff against SQL2012 not helpful


from ikemole Tue at 3:51 PM

I just downloaded BIDSHelper2012Setup ( SmartDiff seems to be working okay. I just have a little feedback.

The two versions of my package were essentially the same except for the arrangement of the XML nodes. For example, let's say there are 3 Path nodes (say A, B and C) in the dtsx file when viewed as XML. In one of them, the nodes are arranged as ABC. In the other, they are arranged as BAC. Nothing inside changed. Since they are all there, I would like this not be seen as a diff. The description on this page suggested that SmartDiff will compensate for that by "ordering elements in a consistent manner". It doesn't do that. The only pre-processing I see is that the layout coordinates are not included in the diff, which is a good step-up from other diff tools.

Also, I don't get the option on the Browse button that enables you to select Windows or Source Version. The button just pops up a file browser. But that's not an issue. I just thought I should mention.



furmangg wrote Sep 25, 2013 at 9:14 PM

ikemole, thanks for the feedback. Do you have an example of a before and after .dtsx file from an SSIS 2012 project that you could share? If you could explain what changed and what would have expected SmartDiff to highlight, that would be helpful.

SSIS 2012 introduced a new format for the .dtsx file which was supposed to make the XML more easily diffable. If you have feedback on ways the could improve the XML format, you should definitely open a Connect item at

However, BIDS Helper probably needs to do a better job cleaning up the new dtsx file format. The only change we've made so far to the code specifically for SSIS2012 Smart Diff is to remove the DesignTimeProperties tag from the XML (which I think has to do with layout information). If you have specific other suggestions for things we should do better, please do explain.

furmangg wrote Sep 25, 2013 at 9:15 PM

Oh... and the reason you don't get an option to select from source version is that your project isn't connected to source control in TFS or Visual SourceSafe, I believe. Those are the only source control providers we currently support.