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No Display Folder for 1200 Model


Please add the same Display Folder feature for 1200 model.
It should be able to handle migration of existing display folder when upgrade to 1200 level.



n0057468 wrote May 8 at 7:18 PM

We use Tabular Display Folders a greate deal. Please add this feaure back for 1200 level. :-)

dgosbell wrote May 9 at 11:50 PM

This feature is already supported natively in 1200 model models, the display folder is a property of the column/measure. (although some people like our UI better than the Microsoft one so we may look to re-enable this on 1200 level models)

This issue has been kept open mainly to see if we can find a way to facilitate migration of display folders from 1103 mode models to 1200 mode models. It does not look like Microsoft has provided any extension points for the migration so we may have to do this as a manual export/import process.