Bids Helper requires Utility.dll

I downloaded the .zip archive, referenced my cs project to BimlEngine.dll but every effort to work with this library finishes with this exception: "The type initializer for '<>z__Aspects' threw an ...

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BIDS Helper Smart Diff Error

When trying to use Smart Diff I get an error 'Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.' I have insta...

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Sort Miscellaneous Files in SSIS project

It would be great if BIDS Helper offered a way to sort the files in the Miscellaneous folder in an SSIS project. I usually have a good dozen BIML files there, and would love it if I could organize...

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Issue in Translations for Tabular with measures

I've observed the following issue: I translated dimensions and measures. When I edited a measure creating a new one, BIDS Helper restored translations in the BIM filw showing a warning. However, on...

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SSAS 2016 -Support Enable/Disable attribute hierarchies in tabular models

Add support for the new Column Usage property in XMLA see the note at the bottom of:

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Cannot install on 2012

After I attempt to install this version it does not appear in my BIDS environment. works fine. If I install 1.7 fresh there is nothing. If I install it over 1.6.6 I still have 1.6.6. Coul...

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Package ProtectionLevel not setting

When you create a package using 1.7.0 and you specify the ProtectionLevel other than DontSaveSensitive the package is created with ProtectionLevel=DontSaveSensitive

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HideMemberIf in Tabular Model - VS still hangs

I'm using BIDS helper to define HideMemberIf on some parent-child hierarchies that I hard coded into the model. The version we're using is 2014. I have one dimension with hour hierarchies; three hi...

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Tabular Model Measure Group acts different for Perspective in deployed version

Tabular measures are displayed differently for Perspective in deployed version. Upon browsing via Excel, all measures groups are rolled under Sigma Values measure group. This started happening afte...

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Learn More About Biml results in wrong webpage on

BIDS Helper 2014 - In SSIS Solution, Right click on Biml file, Choose "Learn More About Biml". Results in browser link opening for: which...

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