Biml: support creating project parameters

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SSIS Aggregate using Count on a string column

BIDS Helper for SQL Server 2008 When I define an aggregate that counts instances of a string column, the aggregation output includes a non-zero code page attribute. BIDS throws this messa...

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Bids Helper requires Utility.dll

I downloaded the .zip archive, referenced my cs project to BimlEngine.dll but every effort to work with this library finishes with this exception: "The type initializer for '<>z__Aspects' threw an ...

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BIDS Helper Smart Diff Error

When trying to use Smart Diff I get an error 'Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.' I have insta...

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Sort Miscellaneous Files in SSIS project

It would be great if BIDS Helper offered a way to sort the files in the Miscellaneous folder in an SSIS project. I usually have a good dozen BIML files there, and would love it if I could organize...

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Issue in Translations for Tabular with measures

I've observed the following issue: I translated dimensions and measures. When I edited a measure creating a new one, BIDS Helper restored translations in the BIM filw showing a warning. However, on...

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SSAS 2016 -Support Enable/Disable attribute hierarchies in tabular models

Add support for the new Column Usage property in XMLA see the note at the bottom of:

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Cannot install on 2012

After I attempt to install this version it does not appear in my BIDS environment. works fine. If I install 1.7 fresh there is nothing. If I install it over 1.6.6 I still have 1.6.6. Coul...

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Package ProtectionLevel not setting

When you create a package using 1.7.0 and you specify the ProtectionLevel other than DontSaveSensitive the package is created with ProtectionLevel=DontSaveSensitive

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HideMemberIf in Tabular Model - VS still hangs

I'm using BIDS helper to define HideMemberIf on some parent-child hierarchies that I hard coded into the model. The version we're using is 2014. I have one dimension with hour hierarchies; three hi...

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