SSIS:Performance test fail when having Project parameters

When trying to run the Performance test (VS2012) it fails during validating the package. In the output window I read "Failed to lock variable "$Project::SomeVariable" for read access with error 0xC...

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BIML: Execute SQL Parameter DataType Mismatch

Given the following BIML: <ExecuteSQL Name="SQL Log Row Count" ConnectionName="MyDb"> <PrecedenceConstraints> <Inputs> <Input OutputPathName="DFT Stage Incoming File.Output"...

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SSRS: Copy and Paste a Parameter (new feature idea)

I have an idea for a new BIDS Helper feature. Using the SSRS Report Designer, I wish I had $1 for every time I have had to "copy and paste" a parameter definition - typically from one report to an...

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SSAS: detect mismatch in other datatype bindings besides dimension

There are a few scenarios BIDS Helper can't detect:

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SSIS: Batch Property Update and Source Control Encoding

Hi all, after I update a property value using the Batch Property Update, if my project is under TFS and I do a Check In, I get the warning you can see as attachment: "The character encoding for th...

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SSIS/BIML System variable not recognized

This line of BIML code results in an error: <Variable Name="ExecutionID" DataType="Int64" EvaluateAsExpression="true" IncludeInDebugDump="Include">@[System::ServerExecutionID]</Variable> When re...

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SSAS: resort some lists alphabeticaly

working with SSAS databases in BIDS a lot of lists are sorted in the order of created date / time: objects in drop down lists of dsv elements, column lists of views and tables, attributes of dimens...

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SSIS: SmartDiff against SQL2012 not helpful

from ikemole Tue at 3:51 PM I just downloaded BIDSHelper2012Setup ( SmartDiff seems to be working okay. I just have a little feedback. The two versions of my package were essentially th...

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Package Execution Performance does have problems with 3rd party coponents

Hi there, thank you for the work and creating such a great addon. When using the performance statistics I found that the package created by BIDS Helper to measure performance does break my third ...

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OLEDB Connection not completing DataSource property for proper BIDS editing/testing connection

After generating a package with 1 OLE DB connection (in this case to SQL Server), I open the package in BIDS, and double click the "Logging" connection manager that was generated, however, the BIML...

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