BIDS helper VS 2015 - SSAS . missing context menu items on dimensions

BIDS helper for VS2015 is installed, all features are enabled, but in SSAS projects in the context menu on "dimensions" all BIDS related items are missing.

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Bids Helper 2015 - Error "Method not found" when trying to create display folder on model.bim

I am using Visual Studio 2015 to work on a model deployed to a SQL 2014 server. Method not found: 'Microsoft.analysisServices.adomdClient.AdomdConnection Microsoft.analysisServices.BackEnd.Datamo...

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SSIS PackageFormatVersion in wrong location

When generating an SSIS package from my BIML script, the tag <DTS:Property DTS:Name="PackageFormatVersion">6</DTS:Property> is generated towards the end of the file, right before the variables. Thi...

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Installation Issue

I'm trying to install BIDSHelper for Visual Studio 2012 using the BIDSHelper2012Setup( file. As soon as I start the installer I get the following error message: The version of this fi...

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Tabular Model Translation Editor doesnt work at SQL Server 2016

After release of the SQL Server 2016 Tabular Model it has its own Translation functionality for Compatibility Level 1200 Models. By the way it is totaly rubish because it uses JSON file but there ...

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Error saving aggregation

Hi, I got "Error saving aggregation #1: The key property (used as index in collection) is not defined." error message when I try to create Add Aggregations from QueryLog and couldnt find a solutio...

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BIML Error

Hi, I am working on an SSIS project for Incremental load.The code was working perfectly. Suddenly the biml code started throwing following validation error Error 0 : BimlScript code produced an e...

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VS2012 SSDT SSIS and Fix Relative Paths

I am converting SSIS packages which were created using BIDS 2008 and Bids Helper to fix the relative pathing. I have installed the BIDs Helper for SSDT 2012. While using VS2012 SSDT I am having i...

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Data Flow's RunInOptimizedMode attribute ignored by biml engine

I have all data flows with RunInOptimizedMode="false" nevertheless in the generated package the value is still true.

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Expand biml file option throws "BimlEngine" may only be executed from BidsHelper (preview 2016)

After installation of a preview 2016 Biml Helper Extension in Visual Studio 2015, there are some problems expanding Biml files. The error thrown "BimlEngine" may only be executed from BidsHelper.

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