VS2012 SSDT SSIS and Fix Relative Paths

I am converting SSIS packages which were created using BIDS 2008 and Bids Helper to fix the relative pathing. I have installed the BIDs Helper for SSDT 2012. While using VS2012 SSDT I am having i...

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Data Flow's RunInOptimizedMode attribute ignored by biml engine

I have all data flows with RunInOptimizedMode="false" nevertheless in the generated package the value is still true.

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Expand biml file option throws "BimlEngine" may only be executed from BidsHelper (preview 2016)

After installation of a preview 2016 Biml Helper Extension in Visual Studio 2015, there are some problems expanding Biml files. The error thrown "BimlEngine" may only be executed from BidsHelper.

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Installtion Failed - Visual Studio 2015

BIDS Helpfer for Visual Studio 2015 (Shell Integrated) gives below exception. 5/17/2016 12:01:05 PM - Microsoft VSIX Installer 5/17/2016 12:01:07 PM - Initializing Install... 5/17/2016 12:01:08 P...

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SmartDiff doesn't seem to be functioning properly

I have installed BIDS Helper specifically to utilize the SmartDiff functionality for VS 2010. However, when using the SmartDiff compare it doesn't even seem to be pretty printing the XML. Does anyo...

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SSAS Tabular: perspective descriptions


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(SSIS) Batch Property Update incorrectly enforces type when updating a property of a variable

When using the SSIS Batch Property Update feature to update some property of a variable (not the value), the plugin attempts to convert the new property value to the type of the variable. For exa...

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When generating BIML packages, overwriting fails when file is read-only (eg, not checked out of source control)

We use the BIML generation extensively on my current project, so I want to first of all say Thank You for providing this great tool. It is great, and has saved us countless hours of manual error d...

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Execute and Visualize Performance not doing anything

Hi, I installed BIDS Helper 2014 Version on Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Designer Version 12.0.2430.0 Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Designer Version 12.0.2000.8 Micros...

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Package Configurations not correctly being generated in BIDS 1.7

Create a BIML script that defines a package with connections that include package configurations. In BIDS Helper 1.7 using Visual Studio 2012, the generate package creates the package with connecti...

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