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Printer Friendly Dimension Usage

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The Dimension Usage tab allows you to define the relationships between dimensions and measure groups. The Printer Friendly Dimension Usage feature allows you to view and print a report encompassing all the information from that Dimension Usage tab. To use this feature, right click on the cube in Solution Explorer:


Starting with BIDS Helper 1.7, for Tabular models, right click on the .bim file to launch this report.

Then a report similar to the following will open:


You can download a sample copy of this report run against the Adventure Works cube.

Starting with release 1.6.4, when you run this feature, it first prompts you to ask if you want the detailed view (the report seen above) or a Bus Matrix view which looks like the following:


We recommend you export this report to Excel if you desire to do further formatting such as rotating the column labels. You can download a sample copy Excel Bus Matrix report which was run against the Adventure Works cube.

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